Immersing yourself in the universe of Niklaas Fritz, represents having an entrance ticket to a lifestyle with a global vision, where the time zone is the language that best identifies you within this community. No matter where you live, we know that your home is the world, and that a train station in the South of France, or the Hong Kong airport, are just another stamp in your passport and a common thread to transport you from one place to another.

The greatest benefits of a Niklaas Fritz timepiece, above the impeccable design, is the way in which it manages to cross the borders of time, to make it your best travel companion, whether you choose a Coco Scander or Chambra Poise. The beginning of the journey to go around the world is already in your hands.

Now, take note about the route we have prepared for you to embark on an adventure in the style of Jules Verne's book, “Arounf the World in Eighty Days”, the difference here is that you set the time. Make sure to pack more than one Niklaas Fritz, and as many straps as possible to build the best array of looks for this expedition. Follow our travel diary, where we will give you the highlights about the cities we visit, in this journey through the five continents.

Our starting point is Los Angeles, the city where glam and Hollywood speak the same language; at the same time the contemporary art scene has given the credentials as one of the globe’s art capitals. We started here, with a Coco Dorado marking 10:00 a.m. We left behind the doors of LAX with a keepall and a carry-on. full with energy converters according to each region that we will visit. With camera in hand, we got to embark on our adventure. Our first stop is In-N-Out. A double- double animal style sets the first selfie of this trip, as we are biting and enjoying life. We continue on a tour driving through Mulholland in direction to Malibu. By this moment, the time stops, and we take a look at our Niklaas Fritz, and there it is: our beautiful watch and the Hollywod sign framing the first page of this chapter of our lives, as we travel around the world.

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