When you live surrounded by the madness of a big city, affording not being an early morning person, can be a great achievement impossible to reach. Whether you are studying your last semester of college, while you are doing an internship in an architecture and design office, or you are the manager of the office, surely both characters have a favorite phrase: "I have not enough time". We understand that the morning workout, followed by the coffee before arriving to the office, the 12 o'clock meeting, the lunch-break at the desk and the happy hour drinks with your friends, seem to have your agenda swapped. But it doesn’t have to be like this. We invite you to be part of the Niklaas Fritz universe, where your relationship with time does not have to be a race against time; you can set your own pace, and make time your best ally, along with Niklaas Fritz that best represents you.
Follow these practical tips to reinvent your lifestyle and your relationship with time.

  • Find a true passion in your field. If you love to do the activity that "consumes your time", it will stop "consuming your time".
  • Enjoy the present.
  • Go out and try a different reality, and if you enjoy it, stay with it.
  • Find the adventure in every second, minute and hour.
  • Start a journey to open the way to your dreams.
  • Find a hobby that takes you away from daily life, perhaps it is an opportunity to meet your true passion.
  • Measure time with style and enjoy finding the different faces that you can give to your Niklaas Fritz.

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