With street style leading figures traveling with overload baggage, landing at Lollapalooza, one of the most buzzed and popular music festivals on the scene (which has the city of Chicago as its setting, and will become one of your favorites), not only implies doing it with the best attitude, and the best crew with whom to live it to the fullest; It is important that you do it with an array of good looks, accompanied by your Niklaas Fritz joined at the hip. And yes, you can achieve it without overloading, and without looking like you are trying too hard.
We leave you the five tips to pack the coolest, in record time, and without forgetting the key pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Pack your Niklaas Fritz accessories

The first step is to define which is the world Niklaas Fritz you belong to. Once you've done it, and have your watch in your hands, pack two extra straps, that transform your Niklaas Fritz into the versatile piece to match with all your looks.

  • Take a style icon as inspiration

We are not saying that you should imitate her look, but it serves as the basis for putting together a group of outfits without dedicating additional time. Determine what is the main characteristic that you fell identified, and adapt it to your personality. Remember that the key element to become a fashion icon is being you! 

  • Choose a statement piece

Have you noticed that street style figures have a signature piece that defines their look? Find that garment or accessory that you can use throughout the festival, and can add an extra hint of style to any of your outfits. It can be an outerwear garment, such as a parka or a biker jacket, or a hat or bag with a statement detail. This way it will be much easier to choose what to pack. 

  • Avoid over-packing

Consider that mastering the art of knowing yourself, and understanding what suits you and what doesn’t, is the first step in differentiating your style from the others. You do not need to charge extra to feel comfortable. Choose wisely, you never know what new obsessions will cross your way through the Windy City. 

  • The Extras

Remember that a good accessory can transform a good outfit into a great one. What do you think about the Coco Dorado? Definitely a piece destined to make you dazzle.


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