Although sometimes the phrase "how to take care ..." may sound complex, or even annoying, in the case of the maintenance of your Niklaas Fritz, it is extremely necessary, and very simple. You just have to follow the guide below to prolong the life of your Emes Mar, Coco Vela, or any Niklaas Fritz that better reflects your personality and lifestyle. Remember that the intention is that your watch accompanies you every day and during endless adventures.

1. Keep your Chambra Iris away from direct sunlight

Exposure to the sun for long hours can wash away the color of the strap and the dial -despite the high quality of our materials- while high temperatures can atrophy the movement components of the watch. We are not asking you to stop your impetus, or to avoid tropical destinations in order to take care of your Niklaas Fritz (in fact, your Chambra Iris is manufactured to be your accomplice), we are only asking to be aware of how your Niklaas Fritz reacts to weather and temperature.


2. Take care of your Coco Scander surface

You can pretend to play like Rafa Nadal, or go climbing and mountain biking to the nearest woods; if you decide that your watch accompanies you during a tennis match or during extreme activities, we suggest you to use a cloth with a little glass polish to clean the case and dial of your watch (surely you will need it). Use an even smaller piece of cotton (a cotton cutip may be useful) to go deeper into the corners of the strap. It is important that if the strap is made of leather, you use a colorless cloth and avoid chemicals. This process becomes more relevant after spending a day at the beach or having been submerged in a hot tub. Remember that your Niklaas Fritz is waterproof, salt and temperature, however, it is important for you to take care of the accessories such as straps.


3. Do not change the date of your Emes Saint between 9 and 3 hrs

When you have to adjust the date of your Niklaas Fritz, make sure that the hand that marks the hours, is in the lower half of the sphere (between 3 and 9 hrs.). This way, you will take care that the movement of your watch changes of day at the desired time Have you noticed that sometimes, when you change the day, the watch puts up resistance? This is because the gears are compromised (between 9 and 3 hrs.) and can damage the movement.


4. Avoid magnets

This is one of the most important facts, especially, because it is one that almost nobody knows. Avoid leaving your Niklaas Fritz near any device that contains magnets, as it can damage the watch's accuracy. A watch can stop working when it is close to 60 gauss (magnets measure).

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