Not all the watches in your collection have to be that piece that is able to start a conversation due to its technical complexity or high price; the appeal of your Niklaas Fritz lies precisely in its discreet elegance, minimalist appearance, and versatility at any scenario or lifestyle.

Each month we will show you the different faces of your favorite Niklaas Fritz.


The Chambra Davao is the ideal watch to express yourself through an authentic and unpretentious piece. It's the weekend and, perhaps, you'll take advantage of your day off in the city to have brunch at your favorite restaurant; maybe you will go to the contemporary art museum to visit the new Andy Warhol exhibition, and you will end up having drinks downtown with your friends. The elegant construction of your Chambra Davao, in a rose gold tone and crocodile-textured leather strap, takes on a relaxed look when complemented by light blue baggy jeans and a neon-colored t-shirt by Gosha Rubchinskiy. A 90 ́s style hit!


Many people prefer to wear a practical, discreet and elegant watch to travel from one continent to another, especially when it will take them more than one connection to reach their final destination. The Chambra Davao holds the reputation of being both, a watch with an exceptional design, and a dynamic piece (try using it with our camel-colored leather strap and buckle in rose gold tone). This particular model is the best companion for men who travel a lot; It is versatile to be the daily watch, and it works with a very wide range of outfits. Here, we suggest you combine it with a casual shirt with a classic print, and a denim jacket, ideal to fly with style and land as if you had not spent 15 hours on the plane.


You will not find a better complement for a professional scenario, than Chambra Davao. Have you heard that the watch you wear on your wrist can give strength or weakness to the impact of your greeting? The box in rose gold tone, is original enough to speak of a confident and determined man, in search of the best of the best. We suggest you wear it with a look that follows the "smart casual” principles, preferably signed by an Italian designer.

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