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The three questions you have to ask yourself before choosing which Niklaas Fritz is the best for your brother, best friend or significant other.

Milanese style strap or leather one? With pink gold or steel finishing? Chambra or Emes collection? All these questions are important, but these aren’t really the ones that will help you to solve which Niklaas Fritz is the best option to surprise your special person. Having a Niklaas Fritz in your hands, is much more than having a timepiece of the highest quality, modern or in trend; it’s about giving the opportunity to open up to a new lifestyle, ruled by its own rules, and that will make you feel identified with thousands of people who share their passion for living and traveling the world.

  • Is he a lover of extreme destinations, or prefers to go deep into the culture of an ancient city?

Knowing this personality feature of a person, is key to identify if she is the kind of woman who would use an Emes Salt to travel around dunes by motorcycle, or rather, the kind of man who would choose a Chambra Poise to explore each corner of Rome.


  • Does every morning, he gets up and wears a suit to drive to a law firm, or he wears denim and a sweater to walk to his office at Google?
His profession is, perhaps, one of the determining factors to define which Niklaas Fritz suits him best. If his work environment is formal, and you are forced to follow this dress code, perhaps an Emes Sylvester would become his best partner; If, he performs in a relaxed and creative environment, Coco Vela is the winning bet.
  • His confidence makes him the man that everyone wants to be, or is she the kind of woman who sets trends through her Instagram account?
If so, both cases need a Niklaas Fritz smart and fascinating enough to start a conversation. For him, a Chambra Orion will fulfill his expectations, while for her, the Coco Dorado will mark the success of her next looks.

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